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Don F. Pickett

Don F. Pickett continues to actively manage the sheep operation of Pickett Ranch & Sheep Company, working daily with foreign herdsmen who come to this country to graze sheep in the hills of southern Idaho. In addition to managing the sheep ranch, Don F. Pickett works with his brothers in various farming and ranching endeavors. In 2019, he was recognized in The New York Times and in the September edition of The National Law Journal as a lawyer of distinction with a specialty in agricultural law, and also featured in the 2020 publication of Marquis Who’s Who in America.

About the Book

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We live in an environment that is comprised of both natural and artificial objects. The former is comprised of God’s creations, which manifest themselves in all their varieties in a state of perfection, order, and beauty, while the latter consists of creations of man, which exhibit the frailties and imperfections common to humankind.

No occupation brings a person closer to nature than that of a shepherd. It was these humble, earthbound workers who, according to the Gospel of St. Luke, heard “good tidings of great joy” and saw “this thing which had come to pass” when called upon to witness the birth of our Creator. Shepherds live amid nature, entirely removed from the artificial world that unfortunately tends to occupy our attention. Shepherds place themselves in a position to clearly see what we might call the first law of nature, which is obedience, followed by a second law, which is that everything in nature has a purpose, including our own mortal existence.

This simple book sets forth some of the great lessons of nature with each lesson beginning with a poem, symbolic of the harmony and rhythm of nature itself, as witnessed by a modern-day shepherd.